What Reading Is To Me

The reason I got into reading is a mystery to myself. When I was younger, in elementary school I despised it. We would get these little “Reading Logs” where we would have to write about a book we read that day for an entire week, and got a new one every Monday. We had to write the title, a summery, and if we enjoyed it. There would be so many days where I would actually lie and say I read a certain book, but would actually skim throigh it for key words to go in my summery. It got so bad, that for two weeks in a row I said I read the same The Magic School Bus book everyday.

In middle school, something changed in me. I got a book from my school’s library, one I do not exactly remember the title of. It was about a boy who’s dad is deceased and he wants to have a keepsake to remind himself of him, but the only thing he has is a chest or this box-thing. Anyway, he goes on a search with his best friend to find the key. If my memory serves me right,  this was the first book I read that lit the flame up under me. The flame that began my addiction.

Reading to me is not and never has been just staring at a page, at words. When I really get into it, there is a moment where I stop seeing letters, and sentances. The page comes alive in my head and instead I see the characters in front of me speaking the dialog, and running across fields. It was my secret hide away when things were tough, and my life when I was in need of a new one. And they were even better when I had somebody to share them with.

At first, I would read every once in a while. I had checked a book out once a month, take my time with it, savor it. But, as my reading skills grew, I finished books quicker.  I went from one book a month, to a couple of weeks. I kicked up my reading selections to an older preference, teen. At my library near my house there was a “Teen Section” where there was a corner that kids 13+ got to read all the Teen Fic they wanted, in a little lounge complete with bean bag chairs and funky lamps. I. Was. In. Heaven.

This is where my reading began to lean toward the “Vampire” fad along with the release of Twilight. I read The Vampire Assistant Series (13 books) by Darren Shan, The Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine (8 at the time), and many many single books that might have put me straight over the line of obsession.

Then, came the dreaded puberty and the interest of boys. This came with my romance obsession that, may still be going on right now. At that point (Around the age of 14), I was reading at least one book a day sometimes more. My personal record has been three books in a 12 hour time period, and I am not proud of that.


Now I am in a point where I can hardly read anymore due to my hectic schedule. I am always doing something, whether it is blogging, creative writing, going to school, looking after my wild but loving sisters, or sleeping. Truthfully, I miss it but I am glad that I have other more “productive” things to do than sit on my rump and stare into a book. I guess it’s all part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on them completely.



10 Things I Have Learned As A Teenage Girl

1. People will judge you on your appearance, before they even get to know you. Within the first few seconds of meeting somebody they will  decide if they do not like you, by the way you look and/or talk.

2. Secrets are not to be spread, even to the best of friends. The same with writing them in a journal, without a lock, that everybody can read.

3. There is no such thing as cooties.

4. There is a such thing as teen angst.


5. Being popular is not always about being liked, or smart. It’s mainly out of other’s envy to be you.

6. To get to the top, it’s not an easy slope. Mostly containing back-stabbing and lies.

7. Being a geek is cool, but being a nerd isn’t. If you don’t understand this one, you are probably neither.

8. Life is not like a book, or a movie. The hot guys DO NOT like the dorky girls who are over self-concious and unaware of their gorgeousness, becuase trust me if you are supermodel pretty you would know it.

9. Teachers are unfair, and hypocrites. No need to explain here.

10. Everything is embarrassing.

And those are the ten things I have learned from being a teenage girl. High school is crazy, and I’m just glad it hasn’t totally changed my like, way of thinking, ya know? Cue bubblegum pop. Bye!



Hello everybody in the WordPress world. My name is Kate, and I am a very big fan of reading, along with writing. I am not a fancy or well known writer, so I do not expect anybody to read this. My writing is not perfect, and not always entertaining to others. I am mainly starting this as a way to get my words out of my crazy head, and maybe somebody could help me interpret all the crazy things that go through it every day.